Risk management software has never been this easy

With a sole focus on GRC Tooling, for Process Management, GRC and Audit, CERRIX envisions and encapsulates an automated integrated Risk Management solution.

Mitigate your risks, increase your business resilience

CERRIX offers best-in-class integrated functionalities for Risk Management, Process Management, Audit and Compliance. We automate your risk management processes aiming at less manual work, improved flawless operations and business processes with all stakeholders involved, timely signaling failures and integrated insights.




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Dynamics in Risk Management

All risk domains face daunting problems that call both a strong structure and streamlined processes

We take note of a crucial shortcoming in current risk management processes. Risks and threats are frequently identified and communicated too slowly as well as the confirmation of well-functioning mitigating controls. Data & Event Driven Risk Management and Agile Auditing can certainly be a response to the needed accelerating pace in these dynamic environments.

However, this journey can not only be realized with a GRC tool, but asks also for common ambition, willingsness, co-operation and commitment. pared to controls testing’s retrospective test results, the application of continuous controls monitoring and execution support offers quicker insight into the proper operation of control measures.

CERRIX product

Manage your risks with our best-in-class integrated GRC-platform solution

CERRIX is a modern cloud platform built in the latest technology and available for customers all over the world. CERRIX SaaS is hosted in one of the top international hosting providers, protected with the highest security measures. This also allows us to guarantee high availability and scalability to our clients.
We apply state-of-the-art virtualization and containerization technologies with client databases fully segregated thus prevent any potential data co-mingling.


CERRIX Forms Management

The CERRIX forms module allows you to build your own workflows in a flexible and affordable way.


CERRIX can be provided with Out-of-the-Box Ready Solutions

The added value for your business is our experience and knowledge of certain industries and risk domains. CERRIX can offer you ready-to-use solutions with pre-packaged content based on best practices, industry frameworks and common standards. This will speed up your implementation significantly.

“With CERRIX, we empower our clients to collaborate effectively and align their efforts towards achieving common objectives.”

Throughout my experience leading multiple implementations, I have observed a growing maturity among clients in their ability to work together when it comes to risk management. While every employee carries their own responsibilities in managing risks within the organization, CERRIX has successfully implemented an advanced governance model within our GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) tool. This allows our clients to seamlessly collaborate within the same system, working towards shared objectives.

– Ruben Andeweg (Senior Consultant, CERRIX)

Why companies choose CERRIX

It is our mission to facilitate companies and institutions with a highly automated process enabling them to bring risk management into the nerves of the company.

One platform provides an integrated solution, offering a standardized way of working across 1st, 2nd and 3rd line;

Adaptive technology supporting easy-to-use, easy-to-implement and easy-to-maintain software solution;

Automated Controls testing and Continuous monitoring;

Enabling an accessible, dedicated and satisfied CERRIX Client Community, offering relevant reference user experiences for future CERRIX users;

Interconnecting with internal and external data sources resulting in seamless data streaming;

Real-time (Personalized) Dashboard capabilities and bespoke Reports enabled by embedded PowerBi;

Safeguarding risk & audit data quality with centralized unified taxonomies and catalogues;

Understanding our business and offering Consultancy support in our journey moving towards data driven risk management.

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