We are CERRIX, a fast growing company with ambition

Over the years, CERRIX has built a solid reputation for reliability, exceptional service and innovation. You will benefit from the trust and credibility associated with the CERRIX brand and product.

"Stay normal" mentality
User driven solutions
Young innovatives

We strive to help companies like yours to mitigate crucial risks

CERRIX is a limited liability company, independent company, privately-held by its founder and based in The Hague, The Netherlands. It was established in 2015 as a carve-out of a legal predecessor. The team that was dedicated to the GRC product started the CERRIX venture with the ambition of building the best GRC tool for the finance industry and becoming a top supplier in Europe. Despite the numerous GRC offerings from large Anglo-American companies, we are convinced that our offering to European institutions and corporations makes a difference of being closer to market needs and understanding the regulatory landscape.

Our vision

We understand your needs and guide you towards success

We are proud of our achievements so far. Thousands of people use our GRC product on a regular basis all over the world. Our product is state-of-the-art, built on the latest technology, has rich functional coverage and is easy-to-use and easy-to-implement. Our team is composed of highly educated professionals, both technical and functional, very experienced and committed to our goals. We embrace working ethics that stimulate personal development, professional attitudes, and pleasure in work.



Our workplace is inclusive, and respectful. We encourage and support one another so that we may succeed as a team and work to make CERRIX a leading GRC supplier.

Service oriented

Our team is customer focused. It is our responsibility that our solution is well functioning and also well accepted by the end-users. We are always helpful to our clients and create unbeatable customer value.


We aim for simplicity and go straight to the point because clarity helps us focus on what matters. We don’t overcomplicate so we can be clear and efficient. Less really is more.


We are a technology provider and understand the need for continuous improvement. It is our task to surprise our clients with new innovative solutions that help them increasing the maturity of their GRC implementation.


We value all backgrounds, beliefs, and interests of our people, and we recognize this diversity as an important part of our innovation and success.


We have the ambition for further international expansion. We will pursue a growth pace that matches our capacity and our aim to remain profitable at all times.


CERRIX must remain attractive for current and future employees. Compensation, education, the working atmosphere, an appropriate workload, and challenges must offer enough incentives for employees to stay with CERRIX.


Added value of our business partners

At CERRIX, we believe in the power of collaboration. As a partner, you become part of a dynamic ecosystem where ideas are shared, knowledge is exchanged, and expertise is leveraged. We foster an environment of collaboration, encouraging our partners to work closely with our team to drive innovation, solve complex challenges, and collectively grow our businesses, offering mutual clients a “Grow as you go” solution.

Careers at CERRIX

We're always looking for new colleagues

When joining CERRIX you gain access to comprehensive training sessions, resources, and dedicated support from our experienced team. We provide the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure you are equipped to deliver exceptional results and maximize the value of our proud team. 

Stimulating for us is definitely the positive feedback we regularly receive from our clients. This is not specifically related to the product’s offered functionality and user friendliness of the product itself, but also the appreciation for the pleasant co-operation, prompt responses to questions and service requests as well as willingness to adapt suggested product improvements. We host webcasts for our client community on a frequent basis and explain new product releases and the potential development roadmap. For bigger enhancements, we initiate discovery sessions aimed at testing our ideas of improvements. Likewise, we initiate customer events for our client community in which they can share experiences and promote best practices.

Would you like to join our mission on the inside of CERRIX? Check out the open vacancies or send an open application!