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What we can provide in the field of

Risk Management


How do you ensure that responsibilities related to processes, products, risks and effective control are properly anchored? With CERRIX, you can safeguard the 3-Lines-of-Defence model in an efficient manner.


Risk awareness is the first step in risk management. Periodic Risk Assessments contribute to this awareness. Has the risk profile increased or decreased? And what will our response be to this (risk response)?


Safeguarding legal requirements and/or best-practice work methods in company processes is a real challenge. CERRIX supports multiple framework controls and can establish a real-time link to on-line web databases.

“The CERRIX product is a result of close co-operation between business consultants with experience in the GRC domain, the CERRIX client base and experienced software developers with knowledge of recent state-of-the-art techniques.”

What we can provide in the field of

Risk Control

Process Management

Having a visual representation of the various work flows is useful to support operational processes. In CERRIX, it is possible to directly link risks, controls and RACIs. Process flow overviews also indicate the level of effectiveness and any incidents.


The ability to continuously demonstrate the effectiveness of your controls is becoming increasingly important. CERRIX will therefore automatically notify the right person of the test activities that should be performed periodically. The evaluation of the results provides a complete overview.


Theme-based audits and scheduled audits can result in improvement actions. These should be followed up as part of a work flow. Based on a proper, integrated approach, the follow-up process can be organized properly.

A good presentation of the information provides insight more quickly

What we can provide in the field of

Risk Intelligence

Lots of data are recorded in CERRIX. To use these data properly, they need to be interpreted correctly. CERRIX features a convenient dashboard that displays all relevant information at a glance. You can easily filter the elements you want displayed. The dashboard is also available on smartphones.

The 360-degree option ensures that the controller, management team and auditor can all process their comments on-line. Which makes it a proactive dashboard.

Is CERRIX right for you?

CERRIX GRC software was developed with the underlying vision that different stakeholders will view the company’s activities from a different perspective and with a different sense of responsibility. In CERRIX, the Risk Universe is shared by all disciplines as a simplified model of the company. This offers many advantages.


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