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Process & Risk Management


Risk Assessment

The (regular) identification and assessment of risks can be done on-line on the basis of questionnaires that you can create yourself.

Control Testing

Testers will receive an automatic message when new tests need to be conducted and evidence collected.

Incident Management

Reporting, enriching and following up on incidents is work flow-controlled.

Process Management

Design or describe your processes in diagrams, adding risks, controls and responsibilities.

Compliance Management

Compliance Controls can be easily managed in a Control Framework.

Audit Management

You can keep track of audits, while the work flow controls the actions resulting from these audits.




In CERRIX, new and existing processes can be modelled visually. The Swimming lanes directly indicate responsibilities. In addition, controls and risks are related to a specific process step.

Because there is a real-time link to all components, you can quickly identify out-of-control processes.


Analyses of KPIs and KRIs can easily be performed in CERRIX. Data points can be periodically collected (automatically) and linked to processes and risk items.

Status details and trends are directly available to managers and administrators.


Our experience has shown that Risk Management can only work correctly if the risk process is handled properly. This requires alignment with the regular management control cycle, as well as proactive signalling and alerting.

Everything in CERRIX works in real time, using automatic alerts. People look at their smartphone 221 times a day on average. The CERRIX dashboard may also come up on your screen…


Risks can be identified in many different ways. The most open and free method is probably coming together and listing the risks while brainstorming. Another method is to periodically complete a questionnaire. The CERRIX Risk Assessor is a useful tool for this purpose. Different types of questions can be formulated in advance and submitted to multiple assessors. Evidence can be added to the answers. You can draft and maintain the assessments and associated questionnaires yourself.

Software as a service

The CERRIX software is offered to our clients as a SaaS application. This makes software management simpler and more affordable for you and us both. Moreover, we will be able to grow with your organization more quickly. Our servers are located in reputable data centers that we have worked with for years.

The CERRIX pricing model is based on the number of users and the desired functionality.

Risk & Control Assessments

Small Tools

You will sometimes need smaller (and cheaper) tools rather than a full GRC software set. Maybe to meet temporary needs (for example, to perform an audit or assessment), or because your organisation is small or medium-sized. We can then help you with our light tools. These tools will help you with the following:

  • Implementation of checklists of standards frameworks and regulations;
  • Risk Assessments for specific themes;
  • Establishing audits of your customers, suppliers, asset managers, etc.

Compliance Assessments


Does your organization also increasingly have to deal with legislation, regulations and best practices? If so, you will have noticed how much time it takes to gather the right information every time. CERRIX will make this process more efficient and will also enable you to check your Compliance status in real-time.


What makes our frameworks unique?

We combine our standard Control Framework with your additions. This can be expanded with one or more of the frameworks specified here.

Real-time monitoring of credit limits

Credit Exposure

In close collaboration with a bank, CERRIX has developed a software tool for the real-time monitoring of credit limits in relation to the most up-to-date credit exposure position. CERRIX-CLM can combine data from different systems and link those data to credit arrangements. Company structures, facility structures and netting agreements are taken into account. Simulations of your credit portfolio are possible, and the integrated data warehouse offers plenty of reporting and analysis options. CERRIX-CLM is not an Internet application, but is supplied as an in-house application.