Regulatory Environment
Regulatory domains where CERRIX offers support

Regulatory evironment

The Regulatory Risk landscape is undergoing significant changes, driven by factors such as company growth, evolving laws and regulations, regulatory roles, and increasing social responsibility. Organizations are recognizing the need for a more integrated and collaborative approach to Risk Management across all departments. CERRIX, designed as an integrated solution, addresses this need by providing a single database for all stakeholders, promoting standardized and efficient processes.

In addition to enhancing data quality and dedicating more attention to risk management, CERRIX aims to improve process efficiency. It caters to the needs of different organizational levels, offering user-friendly features for 1st line employees and advanced capabilities for 2nd and 3rd lines. The system is positioned as an ERP system for comprehensive business operations.


In CERRIX you are able to set up the DORA framework and configure all available modules in such a way that you fully comply with DORA.

ICFR (Internal Control over Financial Reporting)

For Public Companies, preparing reliable financial information is a key responsibility, providing an ICFR system that offers reasonable assurance.


With the introduction of the NIS2 directive, operators of essential services and digital service providers will be subject to more stringent security requirements and…


Companies need to respond on the regulatory front with respect to ESG. It is highly recommended to integrate this into a platform the already…


Explore CERRIX’s GRC tool embedded with the ISQM standards. With ready-to-use frameworks and proven workflows, enhance your audit quality. Ideal for firms of all sizes.


CERRIX ensures secure, anonymous whistleblowing channels, fostering a safe and transparent work environment. Learn how we safeguard confidentiality.


Navigate MiCA effortlessly with CERRIX. Our tooling provides CASPs comprehensive compliance support, including risk management frameworks and governance.


Efficiently implement SWIFT’s CSCF with CERRIX. Our solution includes the complete CSP framework, facilitating rapid compliance and audit readiness.

TAX control

Optimize your tax processes with CERRIX, covering income, VAT, corporate, and customs tax. Guarantee timely compliance and procedural accuracy, seamlessly integrated into your risk framework.

SOX testing

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance will become a much streamlined process when using CERRIX. In fact, SOX is a more specific way of implementing…


CERRIX simplifies GDPR adherence for your firm, integrating robust privacy management with proactive compliance. Benefit from our expertise for GDPR success.