Code of Conduct

Careful selection of clients and suppliers 

CERRIX is a commercial enterprise with a goal for growth in revenue and profit. This requires a steady growth of our customer & business partner base. We will make our own careful assessment of potential new customers and business partners indicating that their: 

  • business practices are aligned with CERRIX corporate responsibility principles; 
  • business activities are ethical and lawful; 
  • acting is trustworthiness, transparent and contain an upholding reputation; 
  • behavior in mutual co-operation is respectful; 
  • payments for our services are within agreed time frame. 

CERRIX has only few suppliers. Our main supplier is Microsoft and we are assessing them on a yearly basis also as part of our ISEA3402 process. 


Our transparency commitment involves accurately representing facts, telling a truth in its entirety and communicating clearly and openly about everything a company does and says. We explicitly discuss our plans for the (near) future at our frequent user group meetings, and our customers can openly share their experiences with CERRIX and provide input for development. 

Wage tension 

Our wage tension (ratio between highest and lowest wage) is less than 5.0. 

Corruption & anti bribery 

CERRIX does not offer, promise, give, request, agree, receive or accept bribes for conducting their business and attracting new customers. We educate and train our personnel to avoid any situation that could lead to bribery or corruption. 


CERRIX is aware that the payment of taxes has a direct impact on the financial and social development of the countries it operates in, meets its tax obligations in accordance with the fiscal legislation that exists in those countries, paying the corresponding taxes in accordance with the profit generated in each territory. Because of our centralized business activities, CERRIX is fully taxable in The Netherlands. CERRIX adheres to the OECD/G20 BEPS actions for fair taxation. 

Legal actions & controversies 

CERRIX has never been involved in any legal action or controversy.