Sustainability CSR/ESG

The recent UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow (November 2021), has again underlined the importance of accelerated greenhouse gas reduction in the world. Though in the final agreements some strict goals were somewhat enlightened, most nations were willing to set their National Determined Contributions (NDC) with the aim to limit worldwide temperature rise to a maximum of 1.5C. 

CERRIX will voluntarily act to reduce carbon across our entire value chain and has set targets to align with limiting global carbon to a 1.5-degree Celsius future (Paris Agreement). CERRIX is a digital company rendering digital products. This gives by nature already a good starting point since our business activities have limited negative effect on the environment. Nevertheless, our activities do have some impact: 

  • Main building with classical (gas) heating; 
  • Electricity for computers at our office; 
  • CO2 emissions because of (lease)-cars for employees; 
  • CO2 emissions because of travelling to office by employees; 
  • GAS consumption for heating our office; 
  • Waste from daily activities; 
  • Water consumption for daily activities; 
  • Impacts of our outsourced data center. 

Currently, we apply hybrid working facilities. On average, about 50% of working time is from home. Most of our employees use public transportation or bicycles to commute from home to office. Some of our colleagues make use of leased cars provided by employer.